A cheese omelette is when you jizzum into a girl's ear canal and then you fold the flap of her ear over. The jizzum will proceed to leak out of her ear, and it will look like a cheese omelette that is dripping.
"OMG you just cheese omelette'd that bitch."
"Look at the cheese dripping out of that omelette."
by The Sweetness November 18, 2007
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Flat looking breasts, that sag two to three inches.
John: Karen sent me a photo of her breasts last night.

Richard: Are they nice?

John: Three words. Flat and saggy.

Richard: Don't sound like breasts to me. Those are cheese omelettes.
by (S3S)Qu@TCh April 11, 2011
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"Ganja? The Devil's Lettuce? Sticky Icky? Daddy Boom-balatti? Turtle, Hot Snookum, Goat Cheese Omelette, Snoop's Bunion!" -Connie, the Hormone Monstress (Big Mouth, Netflix 2017)
by Goat Cheese Omelette November 27, 2018
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It’s an omelette people!! Literally eggs scrambled up a little and then folded in half. You can get fancy if you want and add salt and pepper, maybe some bacon
Waiter: “Would you like scrambled eggs or a cheese omelette?”
Customer: “A cheese omelette please.”
by Be wholesome please February 22, 2018
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