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the guy from the t-shirts.
(in spanish class)
Ms. spanish teacher: and now class we come to a crucial point in the revolution, thanks to che guevara-

me: hey! its that dude from those shirts!

everyone else: hey! it is!
by ashtonkutcher March 06, 2008
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Argentine Communist revolutionary who fought alongside Fidel Castro in Cuba's Revolution to overthrow Fulgencio Batista. Although Che's rhetoric is popular among those who oppose imperialism, the United States in general, and capitalism as an economic system, Che also murdered over a thousand Cubans in his short stint as leader of the Cabana prison in Cuba without due process. Supported persecutions of individuals who did not agree with a radical ideology.
"The image of Che Guevara hurts Cubans because of it reminds them of the innocent men and women that Che ordered to be killed in "La Cabana" prison
by Rodolfo M February 03, 2010
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This cat fought for the "liberation" of Cuba from tyrants while in fact he helped put in place an even bigger tyrant by the name of Fidel "no more toilet paper for our shitty island" Castro. This "freedom fighter" is 40 percent to blame for the slaughter of innoncent industrialists who sought to make the best of the island's natural resources and keep the savages at bay.

I bet his beard is a hit in Hell where he is burning for eternity with all Amway salespeople and Johnny Carson.
If Charlton Heston had sex with one of the monkeys on "Planet of the Apes" his offspring would have looked like Che Guevara.
by Gary Vitalis August 18, 2009
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AKA, the Spanish Hitler. Murdered many families, including children in order to push his politicals views on others. Many mis-informed college students don't read about this, and decide to wear his T-Shirts.
That Che Guevara is a real son-of-a-bitch. He killed my grandparents.
by silentthread August 07, 2009
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Ernesto "Che" Guevara: supposedly a kind, generous, humble Cuban doctor who became a brave champion of the poor.

In reality, a disaffected rich-kid communist from Argentina who dropped out of med school, fancied himself a genius guerilla but got his ass kicked any time he led men in battle, liked to torture people, was a rapist, murdered THOUSANDS based on the fact that he didn't like them, and a COWARD.

Che turned everything he touched to shit. In Cuba, he was Castro's ass-buddy and favorite hit man. Castro figured out that Che wasn't worth crap in combat, so he had him lead death squads in the war instead. His job in Castro's government was executing "political prisoners," mostly teenage boys. Che liked to pull the trigger himself, as he got off on the power trip.

He got kicked out of Cuba after pissing off Castro and drifted from one communist civil war to the next. Always had the same MO: give speeches, execute innocent civilians, torture more civilians, give more speeches, run away before the fight starts.

When he went to Bolivia, the people he claimed to fight for wanted nothing to do with this asshole. His location was immediately reported to the Bolivian Army and he died begging for his life. A fitting end, considering how many people he personally executed without trial, evidence, or mercy.

The left has managed to reinvent his image as some kind of "Hero of the People," despite the fact that the people of every country he was involved in still hate his guts.
Liberal: "Che Guevara was a man of the people!"

Anybody who knows anything whatsoever about Guevara: "Sure he was. Just like Heinrich Himmler or Josef Mengele. Try doing some fucking research before making yourself look like an idiot next time, numbnuts."
by yt45 February 27, 2013
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Che Guevara was a communist revolutionary who helped castro enslave cuba. he is hailed as a genius of guerilla warfare even though most of his campaigns were failures. he killed many innocent people for refusing to be slaves of communism, but many rich, white, starbucks sipping, psuedo-intellectual college kids who've never left the states, much less seen the third world think still think he was a hero.
He got waxed by bolivian soldiers trained by American SF. even if he started with good intent, he was misguided and thought he could force people to live in harmony, which is one of the many follies of communism.
guilt ridden rich white kid- Che Guevara was a hero who turned cuba into a socialist utopia and cubans love him more than Jesus

regular guy- yeah, they love it so much they risk life on the high seas in banana boats to get the hell away from it. go to miami and tell a cuban who is old enought to remamber him that he was a hero and watch him eat your face
by airborne ham February 25, 2009
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Ernesto "Che" Guevara was an Argentine Marxist Revolutionary, physician, author, guerilla warfare leader, diplomat, military theorist, and a major figure during the Cuban Revolution. Today he has become an icon among popular culture and is worn on many t-shirts. 3/4 of those who wear his shirt do not even know much about Che. Che was simply a product of his environment and after travelling all over South America with his friend Alberto Granado, he was very disturbed by the poverty, sickness, and injustices he witnessed. These travels of his are written down in "The Motorcycle Diaries." He believed that these problems in South America existed because of monopoly capitalism, imperialism, and neocolonialism. In addition, he believed that the most sufficient solution to these problems was a world revolution. Guevara became even more radical in his beliefs after witnessing the coup d'état of Guatemala's government which was carried out by the United States government and CIA. Guatemala’s government was then replaced by a military junta, headed by Colonel Carlos Castillo. Che later met Raul and Fidel Castro while in Mexico City and decided to join their revolutionary group - the 26th of July Movement (named after the day of Fidel's failed attack on the Moncada barracks). They then boarded an old beat up yacht appropriately named the “Granma” and headed to Cuba to begin their revolution in an attempt to overthrow the U.S. backed dictator Fulgencio Batista.
Upon their arrival, Batista’s army takes out 2/3 of the 82 rebels and only about 12 witness their victory over Batista’s governenment after Batista flees Cuba. In January 1959, rebels led by Che Guevara captured La Cabaña and used it as a headquarters and as a military prison for several months while leading the Cuban revolution. During his five-month tenure in that post, Guevara oversaw the revolutionary tribunals and executions of suspected war criminals, traitors, chivatos (informants), and former members of Batista's secret police. Che acquired the additional position of Finance Minister as President of the National Bank, which along with Minister of Industries, placed him at the zenith of his power, as the "virtual czar" of the Cuban economy. After their victory in Cuba, Che made trips to China, the Soviet Union, and also helped rebels during the Congo Crisis. When he began his revolutionary campaign in Bolivia, no one was sure about whether he was alive or not. Ultimately, Che was discovered and captured by Bolivian forces. His finals words to his executioner were, “I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.” As he was getting shot, he bit into his wrist to prevent himself from crying out. His body was then buried in an unmarked grave. His hands were cut off and sent to Fidel Castro with a picture of his corpse as proof of his death. In 1997 his remains were discovered and buried in Cuba.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ September 15, 2010
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