A male person who thinks women are merely objects to be used for pleasure, esthetic value or labour.
(Male Chauvinist Pig): Go make me a sandwich.

(Woman): Why don't you make yourself a sandwich?

(Male Chauvinist Pig): Because I'm not a fucking woman, am I?
by Governator87 July 16, 2009
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A female person who thinks men are merely objects to be used for pleasure, esthetic value or labour. It's common place to see these in the form of teenage girls bullying young boys; in fact, most bullies seen in recent years are female.
Example 1:
(Female Chauvinist Pig): Go fight some wars and do things that benefit my life.

(Male): Why don't you do that for me, honey?

(Female Chauvinist Pig): Because I'm not a fucking man, am I?

Example 2:
(14-year-old Female Chauvinist Pig): Get out of my seat right now, you fucking ugly shit!

(Harmless young boy): But... t-this isn't your seat, Sophia...

(14-year-old Female Chauvinist Pig): Get out NOW or I'll punch you in the face, you little shit!
by kronnoc July 1, 2015
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Femme or fillie counterpart of MCP.
Pragya & Poonam are real FCPs i.e. Female Chauvinistic Pig (FCP) they target innocent Men by conspiring and turning the other colleagues and employees against them in each and every matter...
by Sky Lark April 30, 2022
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An obnoxious, bigoted dude of European descent, who displays immense animosity to blacks, Jews, gays, and the handicapped. White supremacists are salty that black supremacists enslaved and brainwashed whites to be blacks for about 2000 years in West Africa, West Europe, and America. Being founders of Black power organizations, like the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Party in America, they spread misinformation that ethnic groups, such as Aryans, Germans, Dravidians, and Cambodians, are their white family and that they should join forces against the world. They commit to annihilate people in the world via skinning them alive, blowing up their churches, or gunning them down in hospitals
"revitalize white civilization that discovered Africa, America, and Asia originally". Not to mention they ironically praise the black Nazi, Idi Aminfor doing a great job in killing whites ans expelling Asians in Uganda. Those extremists need to stand down from devolving to a lower level of primates in the Stone Age. Otherwise, they will not take bullets so well in a mass police shootout.
Due to centuries of the Baber slave trade, Black cultural assimilation, forced intermarriages, rape, the white face, and lynchings, a white chauvinist finally snapped, and he wants to achieve his goal to establish a white-only ethnostate without Africans in the 20th century. However, a white supremacist is repeating similar actions as a black supremacist, so all types of supremacists have forgotten the fact that all people from around the world originated from Africa about 200,000 years earlier as homosapiens, who were closely related to chimpanzees. Every human "race" or country are not less significant than the other, which means no one or nothing is perfect, but supremacists are FAR from being perfect.
by Deeznutsinyoma March 1, 2020
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