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Chatham Middle School is the pinnacle epitome of rich white kids with an ever-expanding rapacity for a peaceful, gossip-free, and lacrosse-filled life. The average CMS boy can typically found play sports or buying shoes. Typically, Chatham boys are asinine, as well as stupid and can usually be found in classes they can't pass. Most Chatham a Middle School boys are desprately horny and are usually found hooking up then go telling the whole school. They throw around words like "faggot" without any regard for anyone else who could be offended. Chatham girls can typically be found posting selfies to Instagram, then bitching about how it's "so rough." They usually listen to generic pop music and wear clothes from such stores as: Abrecrombie, Forever 21, and occasionally, Justice (don't ask; it baffles me too). They like to say things like: "This is so rough!", "Sure, I'll hook up with you, even though you just hooked up with fifteen other girls and probably contracted an STD," and "Sodapop is so hot". The school's health classes are flawed, as half the school smokes. The staff treats its kids as if they're inmates and only teach them useful information half the time. Everyone bullied each other and makes even the most beautiful of people think they're ugly. They tell you high school is going to be harder but give a half-assed effort trying to prepare you for it. Every rushes into a relationship with people they barely know, and they only do it for attention. Fuck CMS.
Me: Screw chatham middle school!
Teacher: Go to Mr Gardella's office, we don't want people to know how shitty this school is!
by Uskie January 15, 2014
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