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When a woman/man places a stimulation device within a woman's vagina and then locks it inside of her by placing a chastity belt on her. He usually hides the key and makes her wear it all day. The result is a very wet woman who is very horny and will do anything for you to have you take the chastity belt off to remove the vibrator from her now extremely wet vaginal cavities.
Me: OMG, last night was great!

Dom: All I know is that you were with Alexis. What happened?

Me: She had wanted to be my sex slave for a day. And she wanted me to do something very naughty to her. So I decided to give her some chastity belt torment. This happened in the morning of yesterday...

Dom: So she had to have that huge Vibrator inside of her all day?

Me: Yea... She was really horny by the time she saw me again and she begged me to remove the chastity belt so I could make her come. And so after I had finished making her come with my fingers she used her magical Goddess like mouth to pleasure me...
by Goddess lover April 17, 2011
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