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Charlie Brown syndrome is just bad luck. When nothing goes your way and whatever effort you do is slightly pathetic, that refers to Charlie Brown.
For example charlie brown syndrome, Charlie Brown could never kick that football because Lucie kept pulling it away from him. He never really had luck with the girl he liked, and things just never went his way. He also had a Christmas tree that was just sad.

As much as we like to root for the underdog Charlie Brown, he just can't get a break because of his bad luck.
by SkyCreation May 12, 2014
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The Charlie brown syndrome is a mental condition in which a person thinks:
*they fail or going to fail at all things.
*that anything they do or involve themselves in will be ruined or end in failure
* a true lack of self confidence and esteem

*a feeling of gloom and bad luck follow them
* easily to give up
* complicating simple matter due to anxiety.
*fears so overwhelmingly powerful and/or in number they have a hard time functioning.
*Constant feelings of doom
*And should they find supposed happy moments they go gloom esp. If failure comes around immediately.

My friend suffers from the Charlie brown syndrome every christmas and i dont know how to bring her of this mood
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by Theamazinggeek December 18, 2018
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It refers to when someone talks and all you hear is wah wah, wah wah, wah wah. Like when an adult talked to Charlie Brown in the cartoon.
She talks so much I get Charlie Brown syndrome every time we have a conversation. I never hear a word she says.
by Madstabber January 08, 2016
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