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It is a branch off of the RASH or GASH ( Russian or German Anarchist Skin Heads) except the idea of anarchy is absolutely contradictory in itself a group of UNITED anarchist is defeating the entire purpose, but there is one solution Chaos. It is a group who believes in one common thing and are willing to do the necessary things to get it done. In the Chaostic Skin regime the common thing is a sever hatred of the ignorance of the lower class and the loathing towards any gang related black people, there are of course respectable black people but it is the "gansta" type that we are out to solve. we are peace makers and we are base off the principal of Oi!. we are not out to hurt any body we are simply doing what the government refuses to do.
a group of skinheads wearing the laces and braces with a grey, black, and white camouflaged bandanna out of their back left pocket also having the Chaos X on Their Flight Jackets or Skateboards is an example of the Chaostic Skinheads.
by C4L March 25, 2007
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