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Drama that is not fun to watch or to be a part of. Watching it is boring or just plain annoying compared to "somebody make popcorn drama" and forces you to crave something more exciting and DRAMATIC.

Awkward turtle is commonly present.
not change the channel drama:
nick: "did you sleep with my best friend or not?"
jessica: "yes, okay.. jesus! i did, and it was better than anything you've ever done. what are you going to do about it, asshole?"
nick: "i'm going to make sure i'm better than he was, starting RIGHT NOW"

change the channel drama:
nick: "you don't even care about me. why do you all hate me all of a sudden? whatever, i'm going to go take more shots and be emo and i'd like to see you stop me. this isn't funny jessica; fuck you. and fuck everyone else. i hate myself."
by wearethem January 07, 2009
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