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Chanandler Bong, Miss.

In Friends, Chandler Bing's name as it appears on his TV guide when delivered.
"The TV guide is delivered to Miss Chanandler Bong"
by Zoecb October 27, 2004
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Chanandler Bong is the name that Chandler Bing from the popular ten-season TV show, Friends, has his TV guide delivered under. It is now widely used in the Friends fandom/community as a joke, one that only fans of the show will usually understand. It has a huge comedic value as simply how it is said can get a chuckle out of most people.
Hey, Mum!
Chanandler Bong.
*hilarity ensues*
by Smiley Trashbag December 02, 2019
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alter name of chandler bing of friends, the name you would call a person who thrives off sarcastic humor
That Vi, she's one chanandler bong, i'll tell ya what.
by Caustic Fever December 13, 2003
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