when you are feeling drunk so ur campaign (game) is much better.
Hey man, how'd it go with the ladies at the club last night.

I was on my champagne campaign.
by TwoTone530 November 4, 2010
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a group of words inserted by 50 cent (a.k.a. curtis jackson) when he panics and doesnt remember how to finish a rhyme
50: uhhh... on my champagne campaign
crowd: fuck that he already used it
^crowd leaves
by paddywagon December 5, 2005
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A military assignment of what was left of the 442nd Regiment at the end of 1944 to guard a part of southern France. The mission covered the seaside Alps down to French Riviera - a cush locale for a weekend pass.
After fighting the brutal Battle of the Bulge, the surviving members of the 442nd dubbed their new effort in the war The Champagne Campaign for the luxurious surroundings and ready supply of alcohol and women in Nice and local towns.
by EveryPennyofIt January 11, 2011
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