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When perfectly good figure skating peformance is not shown on the TV broadcast.

Origin--Michael Chack's 1993 bronze-medal finish at US Nationals was not shown on the ABC broadcast.
"I really wanted to see Michelle Kwan skate, but she was chacked."
by Tracy S. January 09, 2004
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When a medal-winning figure skating performance is not broadcast. This only happens when figure skating is shown live and the producer has to decide what to broadcast. Named after Michael Chack, whose bronze medal winning performance at 93 Nationals was not shown on TV.
"They didn't think Lysacek could make up the points, so he was chacked from the Canadian broadcast."
by Kimmie44 July 23, 2006
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Chacks meaning being High (marijuana)

or a joint can still be called a chack I.E. being chacks
I Feel Chacks

Roll that fat Chack
by KA-TASTROPHE August 16, 2010
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