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can be used for a girlie man or a pussy
Alex is such a chach

I fucked Christine in her chach.
by ATA April 27, 2004
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Chach adj. (Chaatch)

Chach can be used when describing something that is sketchy, or cheezy. Comes from the word Chachki, which is a gawdy trinket or something generally fugly.
An awkward vintage style, or skeezy handlebar moustache can be considered chach.

or, guys that have chest hair poofing out of their paisly shirts are wicked chach.
by girlll October 05, 2005
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an alternative title/pronoun which means anything you want it to mean, except for anything with a good connotation--it doesn't necessarily have to be bad, but it just can't be good; term for any object that you cannot think of the name for, come up with a term for, or describe; a term to describe whatever you want because it sounds better in place of anything's original name; derogatory term for any person who is unappealing in any way or degree to any of the senses of another person(s)
How long have you been stirring my chach? It's been reduced to nothing more than a viscous chach. For this, I'm gonna piss in my hand and punch you square in the gullet, you chach. And I'm gonna shovel-feed you my dog's chach pellets. "
by xSLAYDRIANx June 02, 2011
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Anyone who is getting on your nerves , or is doing something stupid . pronounced : ch-ah-ch! you can either say there doing something chachy , or there acting like a chach .
Caitlyn steps on your shoe , you turn around and scream chach!
by MacK . February 01, 2010
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Konstantin. The man who plays the piano when he is drunk and then falls on people. He also does cocaine. Wears lacoste and other preppy clothing and rides in his new whip with salsa in the back seat and picks up ladies.
"He looks like Konstantin... he must be a chach."
by Sike August 17, 2004
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The greatest poster of all time on RealGM, which isn't a great website.
Person A: Wow, I like Chach a lot better than Prerak
Person B: I hear that.
by Jason Kidd July 04, 2004
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