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1. Severe bleeding of the brain.
2. Severe bleeding of the brain caused by exposure of a person of average intelligence(the victim) to a case of extreme mental ineptitude, such as that which would be demonstrated by a damned idiot.
3. Something that would cause such effects.
4. A term used to describe extreme annoyance at stupidity.
After the blood vessels in his brain were ruptured, the man died from cerebral hemorrhage.

Person A: Did you know that, statistically, women make significantly less money than men?
Person B: Oh my God, stop being sexist!
Person A: *passes out*
Person A(after regaining conciousness): Holy Shit, that was the worst bout of cerebral hemorrhage I've had in years.

That movie was cerebral hemorrhage.

Moronic comments give me cerebral hemorrhage.
by LivingHell October 24, 2004
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