central catholic is the most gay school in San Antonio.
they love breaking girls hearts but don't ever mess with the brotherhood.
probably a cult but the teacher are too scared to loose their jobs to say anything.
They're all crackheads and pot heads but I can never top falling for them no matter how hard I try.
they all think they are the shit when an actual jungle school filled with monkeys are next to them.
all suport trump.
and don't try to get into their pants, they only go for iw girls or for guys in their own class.
person from acp: hey, you see that guy over there? he has the central catholic charm.
by bhadbhabie2k19 March 12, 2019
quite possibly the finest high school institution in the united states, as well as the world. An all male school made up of the most intelligent youths a city can produce. Created in 1927, Central was destined for distinguished greatness. Although tarnished with tea-bagging alligations, the school community's resolve has shown through to the point where other schools have nothing else to criticize such an institution of learning for other than this allegid incident. The school, although all male, creates an invironment that caters to all walks of life, where gay, strait, catholic, or non, each individual will be called a fag by a fellow classmate and have his books encompassed with falic symbols ejaculating over last nights math assignment. Book checks are unaviodable and gamesharking illegal. Oakland girls are overrated because of being surrounded by scrotem for 6hours out of the day. All in all the female teachers are not hot at all if seen in normal day-to-day interaction and no school is better fit for young men looking for a college-preparatory school with a reputation of success than Pittsburgh Central Catholic. Unlike those greensburgh name stealing sons of bitches. We are the real CENTRAL and the viking is the only mascot we know or aknowledge. C.E.N.T.R.A.L whats that spell? CENTRAL! WHAT??
by -c- September 28, 2006
an over-testoterone school of all boys in san antonio. most of them are jerks, and love to break hearts. We normal people do not like them (only baby d & i guess tovar are cool).
"Where does your boyfriend go ?" "Oh, Central Catholic." "they like girls ?"
by tinstaafl January 8, 2009
A school in Lawrence Ma a really poor city in North East Mass, kids from all over go there, its a private school , but 65 percent of there kids came from public, School has great sports, and a great facillite , its the place to go to if you wanna make it, but in a comfortable non snoby enviroment
Central Catholic High School lawrence Ma
Mostly a bunch of rich sexist, homophobic, racist white boys who are privileged but they don't even know it. There are a few good people from central/oakland but for the most part they're toxic and think they the shit but really they're just some vineyard vine shit heads :)
"That dude over there is such a frat boi, he must be from central catholic"
"Yuck look at that trump supporter! Must be a central boy!"
by bleepbloop69 March 27, 2018
A bunch of stupid teabaggers. Think they're great stuff because their mommies and daddies pay for them to go to a private big name school. Have some of the worst parties around, where getting wasted and teabagging each other are deemed a "good time". Think they're great because they get to have school next to an all Catholic girls school, but the girls there are dirty and have syphilis. All in all, some of the worst people around Pittsburgh go there, and just about anywhere else is better.
Remember that party with the kids from Central Catholic?
Yeah, that party sucked.

by jimbo67 October 24, 2006
A private all boys school in Pittsburgh known for a bunch of pussy ass white boys who throw suckass parties. They are surrounded by only dick all day and think they're the shit cause the Oakland girls. However these girls all have herpes. Created in 1927 and to this day it holds a bunch of fags who get molested by their religion Teacher. Their football Team isn't even good.
That Woody-Central game was hard, we sent them Central Catholic fags home with the L.
by Woody2k December 1, 2016