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The economy of Ireland was slow-moving until the early 1990s. The term for the economic boom that continuted through the 90s and into the early Noughties is called the Celtic Tiger. During this time, many industries, particularly the Construction industry, flourished. "Celtic Tiger Cubs" is the term given to the offspring of these successful businesses. The youth of Ireland today, who have everything their parents didn't. Usually excessively wealthy. The economy is facing a recession now so who knows what the future holds?
celtic tiger cubs are usually:
child of any rich businessperson
practically every child and teenager in ireland
by celtic tiger cub February 18, 2009
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Reference to a generation of Irish born in the late eighties and nineties raised in a period of economic abundance. A generation apart, they have grown up with a strong sense of entitlement, privilage and consumerism. This contrasts with the traditional Irish urge to ascend through struggle. With the world financial crisis of the late noughties, they have been left adrift in a world of hardship they cannot comprehend. And have no experience to draw on that the generations before them and those following will have in simply making do.
Traits of the Celtic Tiger Cub include-
An inability to comprehend the word: No.
Indignation at authority figures for the audacity of existing.
A lack of pride in their alcoholism as they are bereft of the means to purchase colombian marching powder.
Being spoiled c**ts.
by UgaineMor November 12, 2010
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