A beautiful sounding combination of two words in the English language.

Most people first heard cellar door as a "beautiful" combination, thanks to the movie 'Donnie Darko'. Which is a VERY cool movie.

cystic fibrosisties first with cellar door. As they both sound great.

Words starting with C but are pronounced as an S make pretty words.
say it! "cellar door" ooooooooooooooooh. feel the prettiness!
by .. December 23, 2004
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According to Donnie Darko's english teacher, a famous linguist once said that CellarDoor was the most beautiful phrase in the english language.
by copilot August 13, 2003
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The famous linguist that said this was JRR Tolkien. It is mentioned in his Biography.
by S Tappin September 15, 2003
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the gateway to a place to store objects that are important to us to keep safe
dust/wine/memories;)old computers and books which you really carnt understand/super hero comics
by Mr X December 29, 2003
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An urban piece of architecture.
Can be made of wood.
Can be made of metal, which can be diamond plate.
It can be flat and part of the ground, or it can be at an angle forming a bank.
People use cellar doors to enter basements.
There is usually a lock on a cellar door.
Bobby Puleo kickflips and lands in the cellar door that is outside the bodega.
by daphello May 09, 2012
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Not speaking english as my mothertongue, cellardoor (especially if said multiple times just as a single word) does not sound english or american at all. it has a more southern european sound. it could be italian or spanish. additionally it contains the letters DOR witch makes ist sound like 'gold', d'or, in latin languages like frensh or so.
Cellardoor and its mentioning in Donny Darko
by Herr Rotschild February 15, 2004
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