quite simply this term is a contraction of "celebrity" and "lesbian". Of course that means that she's famous, even if only for the Warholian 15 minutes, or for much longer.
Ellen Degeneres is a notorious celesbian. She was the first to "come out" on TV. Thing about that is, the lovely Laura Dern should've been kissing me instead ; )

2. Other celesbians are Melissa Etheridge (she "came out" during Prez. Bill Clinton's inaugeration bashola), k d lang, Tracy Chapman, the Indigo Girls, Phranc, Amanda Bearce, Candace Gingrich, Dick Chaney's daughter (yes), Rosey O'Donnell and many more.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice December 27, 2011
(n.) a celebrity lesbian; a lesbian famous or popular within the LGBT community, including but not limited to actors, advocates, promoters, club owners, writers, etc.
Charlotte is such a celesbian!
by starlette March 21, 2006
(adj.) It is the combination of the words, celebrity and lesbian. It's a word to describe that a person is one's celebrity (insert noun) and lesbian (insert noun). Typically used by females, since only they can technically be lesbians.
Kristen Wiig, who played Annie in the movie Bridesmaids is my celesbian crush.
by spazmeen June 29, 2011
A talentless hack female who is famous for no reason other than the "out-and-loving-it" girlfriend of a famous person.
Celesbian people include Sandra Bernhart and Anne Heche... enough said.
by Paulo and Miguel August 21, 2006
Lesbians with celebrity status. Notables include Rosie O'Donnell,Anne Heche,Melissa Etheridge,Lily Tomlin, Ellen Degeneres,KD Lang,Jane Lynch,Wanda Sykes,Suze Orman,Cynthia Nixon,Meredith Baxter and Martina Navratilova
Rosie O'Donnell is probably the most outspoken of all the celesbians.
by wolfbait51 June 4, 2011
A celebrity who claims to be a lesbian temporarily as a publicity stunt.
Lindsay Lohan has a girlfriend now, but I think she's just a celesbian.

Remember when Anne Heche pretended to be gay? What a celesbian!
when sluts get famous for pretending to be gay
"Have you heard of that chick band?

What? Them? those chicks are just celesbians."
by Super Special Awesome August 23, 2008