1. A person who goes on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here", but is not in the slightest bit famous.

2. A person who is payed a disproportionately large ammount of money, but does a disproportionately small ammount of work. (Note that some jobs, fall under this catagory but are not celebrity)
1. Tara Palmer Thompkinson (or is it Palmer Thompkinson Tara)

2. Micheal Owen, Busted. (George Bush)
by Ben Davidson December 05, 2004
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In a sense I agree with all of the definitions here. However, a distiction must be drawn between celebrities and actors/musicians. Actors/musicians work relatively hard to become succesful in there chosen profession, and despite all the contests that provides lazy TV execs with reality TV, very few actors/musicians make it big. A celebrity on the other hand is somewhat opposite, i.e. they are famous without trying very hard to earn fame.
Actor - Johnny Depp
Musician - Dave Ghrol (Please forgive me if i've misspelled his name)
Celebrity - Paris Hilton

Case closed
by A L Harvey December 02, 2005
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A celebrity is someone who is popular and is usually in entertainment industry. Celebrity can also be used for people in other fields like scientists, doctors, fashion designers, writers who are usually at the top of their field and like to give interviews to the media and usually have a relatively strong social presence compared to other top people in their field. Celebrities usually have a dedicated fan base.
1. Johnny Depp is a celebrity.

2. Stephen Hawking is a celebrity scientist.

3. John Grisham is a celebrity author.

4. Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are celebrities.(unfortunately)
by notacelebrityyyyyyy July 10, 2011
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1. A loser who walks on red carpets and gets more eyes than a Shelby Cobra.

2. Someone who gets money that they don't deserve.

3. Someone who is perceived a deity in American culture.
Stop focusing on celebrity issues. Who cares who got married/divorced/cheated on/or has a baby, everyone else does!

And for those damn teenage girls: Ignore these people, they are not important, they are not a role model who you believe is posisitive influence.

I condemn celebrities because they are stuck-up morons who can't do anything good for the world and are a distraction to real issues. They are artificial people, and I am not jealous of them, just don't pay any attention to them, and anything so see in a damn supermarket or whatever, don't buy it if you see their name/face on it. It's pointless shit, really, it is...
by idonthavaname August 04, 2006
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A kick ass station wagon made by Chevrolet from 82 to 88. Usually seen in a gold color, with a pimpin spoiler on the back. The interior is made from genuine hide of nauga, with vinyl and brushed aluminum detailing. Worth almost $25 nowadays.
My '87 Celebrity requires you to unlock the passenger's side front door and then hit the unlock button in order to unlock the driver's side front door with the key
by CaptainProjectile December 18, 2004
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Someone who gets to ride around in a Zamboni.
My definition of a celebrity:Someone who gets to ride in a Zamboni.
by LoveStruck69 April 29, 2011
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