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Cat Ear Girl
1. Gross girls who love anime; usually have greasy hair and don't brush their teeth too often.
2. really nerdy girls that sound like thier plugging their nose as their talking about their favorite anime.
3. Usually in Suncoast, Hot topic, or any anime convention
a. a girl, sometimes can be boys.
b. wears homemade cat ear headbands as accessories
"I can tell she's a cat ear girl"
by DaveeBaca March 19, 2008
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The girl in school who always wears cat ears, or puffs. Mostly known to people as that girl who wears the weird headbands. Usually an all-around weird person, but has a nice side.
"Who is that"
"Just call her cat ear girl "
"She always wears cat ears"
by 4av3n March 14, 2018
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