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is a raving mad man who has consumed gallons of alcohol and mounds of cocaine a show dog couldnt jump over. He is a mild mannered lab tech whose makes this Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde transformation upon this binge. He can be found shooting salad at trashy strip joints, local bars or afterhours at the hardrock casino. He is on a drunken quest to make it rainand will not stop until he has done so or is broke and already gone to amscot. Other than a few chicken wings or an unlucky egg mcmuffin, casino charlie wont eat or sleep for days. He will get all vitamins and nutrients from crown royal, beer, and slutty stripper tit sweat. Loss of cell phone, wallet, keys and even shoes occur during casino charlies rant. He, in his own mind, is a super cool chick magnet often referring to himself as the black jesus. These binges spiral out of control and usually end up with casino charlie in jail, stuck on rail road tracks, in the back of an unknown mexicans pickup truck, the J-spa or in his chamber of silence.
Shawn: wheres Robby ?
Jake: I dunno, havent seen robby in days but casino charlie just drank another 12 pack and is on the way to the J-spa to get a handy !
by GIRTH brooks March 31, 2008
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