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Term based on the myth that Vegas hotels pump extra oxygen into their casinos to keep people awake, boost alcohol's effects, etc. etc. This is false, and would be highly illegal if true. Not to mention what would happen if someone lit a cigarette.

The "rush" that many people feel when entering a casino is really a combination of overstimulation (flashing lights, noise, excitement) and sudden exposure to lower temperatures; though they aren't allowed to pump oxygen in, some casinos keep temperatures lower than normal to help keep people awake and alert, spending more money rather than returning to their rooms.

Although it's based on false information, the term is not obsolete; it can also refer to the casino's atmosphere of excitement and risk.
In Vegas, the casino air can hit you as soon as you step off the plane.
by progamer124 August 06, 2005
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The air you breathe inside a casino. Casino air is highly oxygenated and causes you to have high energy. The effects of alcohol and other substances is enhanced. You'll never get tired of living on casino air.
E: Yo Dio, I'll be down at 11PM Friday night.
Dio: Aight... bring some Ciroc & red bull.
E: No need for the red bull. Once I get a hit of the casino air, I'll be good to go.
by ebro July 15, 2005
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Smokey, dirty, stale, germ ridden air that will make you sick faster then any other known substance.
Damn, I sucked in so much casino air last night that I think I am getting sick.
by Tynan August 06, 2005
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