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An expression derived from 'carpe diem' meaning 'sieze the fuck it'. Used when one is in a dilemma whether or not to apply 'fuck it' (in actualy conversation or thoughts) but eventually decides that it'll be used. The 'carpe' shows that the 'fuck it' has now been the 'siezed' outcome of the dilemma and hence differentiates the expression from a simple 'fuck it' which usually rolls of the tounge without the aforesaid dilemma or thought for native speakers of English. This expression originated on the Upper East Side of NYC.
Captain of the US Airways Flight 1549 to his co-pilot: These birds have destroyed the engines. Should we land in the Hudon river?
Co-Pilot: Hmmmmmmmmm
Captain: Hmmmmmmm...(Looks at how low their altitude is)... carpe fuck it!
Co-Pilot: (Over the announcement system) Please brace for impact.
Cabin Crew: 1 L N R cross check.
by Vinny85 January 19, 2009
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