Nickname for Sarah Palin, current governor of Alaska. Term is used as a pejorative that puts good looks and her Alaskan background over any experience at the national level.
Single males will be disappointed that Caribou Barbie is not in season.
by desuvius September 8, 2008
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did you hear what caribou barbie said yesterday in the debate?
by the extreme Nate T October 15, 2008
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Sarah Palin, Mooselini, Republican VP Candidate
Caribou Barbie is the lipstick, not the pig.
by Bigsnowdog September 12, 2008
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Phrase used to describe Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin; refers to her avid love of hunting various animals, presumably including caribou. Popularized by a skit on the Saturday Night Live episode which Palin hosted.
"What's that they're calling her now?"

"Caribou Barbie?"

"Yeah, that's it."
by ArtificialBlur October 24, 2008
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A nickname for Sarah Palin, alluding to the caribou in Alaska, and her supposed MILF factor.
Caribou Barbie spoke on the news about her position on abortion and gun control.
by Tom2133 September 25, 2008
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AKA Sarah Palin, redneck hicktown mayor who became Alaska governor and now is a wannabe Vice Prez selection of John McCain. She criticizes Barack Obama for not being an in-bred, incestuous, goat fucking, moonshine-guzzling, trailerpark-dwelling,NASCAR-mongering, Confederate flag waving redneck hick, and for starting out as a community organizer on the mean streets of Southside Chicago.
As a Christian fundamentalist, who considers herself "morally superior" to liberals and who demonizes teen moms and pre-marital sex, she opposes sex education in public classrooms and has cut funding to a shelter for homeles pregnant teenage moms, even though her own teenage daughter Bristol is knocked up (and about to enter a shotgun wedding with the embryo's father), thereby earning Palin the title of Hypocrite of the Year, Every Year.
"Did you hear Caribou Barbie talking trash about Obama and the liberals' lack of family values?"
"Yeah, what a hypocrite!"
by SpringHawk September 5, 2008
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