When you say "mother fucker" on live TV, its recorded... and obvious to everyone... yet you sware you said "mother sucker". A person who against all evidence will not admit to the truth.
Dave pulled The Cari Champion yesterday. This is refering to the CBS News anchor in Atlanta that said "mother fucker" while anchoring a newscast. It was on live TV and everyone could hear it, yet she clains to have said "mother sucker" because she can't admit to the truth.
by tv news person December 01, 2007
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A person who does not follow the crowd she/he creates their own rules.
Cari Champion is an Atlanta news anchor who was fired for allegedly saying 'motherfucker' on the air. Wrongly accused she appealed the decision to Corporate headquarters. After three weeks, Meredith Corporation, a billion dollar company, reverses itself. Its NEVER been done before.
Don't let anyone tell you no! Show them the Real Cari Champion when you fight for your rights. The Real Cari Champion has prevailed everyone will receieve a fair opportunity as promised.
by WInner1 March 16, 2008
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