The act of meeting random broads and nailing them with force, typical done by a carbone.
Dude I toataly forgot about study group, sorry I was carboneing .
by Not carbone June 18, 2017
When you add one oxygen into carbon monocide, it becomes carbon dicide.
by February 16, 2021
Go to Carbon high school if you want fake friends! Also if you want to watch weekly fights between kids. If you want to date a hoe go there, or a whore you will find many players and fuck boys/ girls at this school. Carbon is getto as fuck
by Shitstain583 October 15, 2022
someones who throws away origami that took me ages to make ;( and also force you to do work.
"don't throw away my origami jeremy carbone"
by mr t stars in kazaam November 27, 2017
A drink consisting of three or more different soft drinks.

Common in places where the customers can use the soda machines.
Person A: I heard you ordered fast food yesterday.

Person B: I did.

Person A: What did you drink?

Person B: I couldn't decide, so I just poured myself a carbonated mess.
by ChameleonDragon September 26, 2019
Giving credit to the wrong person online, in reference to 'Deep Space Homer' episode of The Simpsons.
That wasn't Nick's post, it was mine! You're carbon rodding me!
by Matrixlogic March 5, 2021