A band that makes some pretty good electronic/ambient (not really sure on what genre it would be) music that is easy to get lost in or just fall asleep to. A more technical definition is that we are physically made of mostly water (about 70%) and carbon. If you want proof of this: when people are cremated, the Ash left behind is pretty much just the carbon in the body as well as some impurities.
I'm gonna take some shrooms if it's gonna rain today and listen to Carbon based lifeforms.
by I guess myself idk September 13, 2021
Hey, what size hunk of carbon did you get when he popped the question?
by rickbelpre December 22, 2011
Someone who's life serves no purpose
Blake just takes up space and doesn't do anything he's such a waste of carbon!
When you sit on the toilet to take a dump but you only end up farting a bunch of times.
"I hope you had a good shit cause we still have a while to go on this road trip."
"Um. Well, it was kinda frustrating cause I guess I didn't have to go that toilet"
"Son of a bitch!"
"Hey, it's not my fault I was only able to carbonate that toilet! I really thought I had to do go!"
by Onehitwonder? November 29, 2017
The act of placing a straw into one’s ass and farting into a cup of soda and giving the newly carbonated beverage with the straw to an unsuspecting victim.
Hey Jack, let’s carbonate Jenaya’s Coke while she’s not looking!
by Chex929 June 22, 2018
Look at those carbon dioxide pods. Apple is probably selling them at a bajillion dollars a pair.
by bigchungus1212 May 9, 2022
The amount of carbon footprint created by masturbating to pornography with a story line based in gasoline related transportation.
Dillion: So, I was jerking off to this hot chick on Slam Van #mobilestabbincabin and it got real weird.

Everyone else involved: (scoff) Your carbon dickprint is causing the extinction of the warted toad licker of South America!
by Deanzie bopper March 18, 2018