Deposits of lipids and lipoprotiens directly above the abdominal muscles that evidence overconsumption of organic compounds and the petrochemicals needed to make those compounds available for human consumption.
"How 'bout that fraud Michael Moore? Always calling everyone gas hogs and fast food junkies. Have you seen the carbon bellyprint on his ass?."
by cattnipp August 31, 2008
when receipients of a bcc falsely believe unknowingly that they’re familiar with a person mentioned in it but are not.
The blind carbon copy false memory thru the recipients for a loop.
by Coop Dupe June 4, 2018
When two black monkey crickets are banging each other in the butt and one of them snaps their penis in the others' asshole until it bleeds and the poop turns it into a chocolate fountain that gives it the carbon effect of flash.
Wow! Did you see George Floyd and Bill Cosby attain the carbon dialect last night?
by adamsandlerdbd1 July 20, 2021
Y'know Jimmy? Yeah, avoid him. He's a carbon-type.
by Dioxide Drink May 17, 2021
A boy you’ll like easily. He could be mean and rude sometimes but he will change his attitude later on. He’ll make you smile when he walks in a room and he’s funny. If your sad then he’ll be there to cheer you up. He will mess with your head and flirt with your friends sometimes but you’ll still like him. If you have a Carson in your life then be his best friend and if you like him tell him or he’ll ask someone out. Never break up with him or your stupid and you’ll regret it because he’s perfect. He is everything you’ll need funny,caring,daring,bit rude and mean,nice, and cute .
Carbon is a freaking cool dude!
by Antohly November 23, 2021
Carbon is the best launcher with in game support to ever exist
Hey did you see him using Carbon
by bebepepe October 29, 2021
His name is not common, but the kind of person he is is. He is so kind and sensitive, a definite jokester and class clown. He is best friends with a Brody and he is so fun to hangout with. All the ladies want him, but he doesn't have one. He is so oblivious to anyone liking him and is so cute and adorable.
Wow I want to be friends with Carbon...
Oh Carbon, he's so dreamy...
Hey dude there's Carbon!
by m e e e e e ! ! ! March 5, 2021