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a girl who looks good while sitting in her car (has a pretty face) but the rest of her is a dog (fattie)
That chick in the Trans Am is such a car girl.
by black widow September 08, 2004
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Used by most 16 year old white girls who’s favourite cars are the most generic throughout the car community.

Usually without a licence and sucks d*ck for rides to maccas
*16 y/o white girl*
“Omg I love GTR Skylines!! I guess you could say I’m a car girl xD”
by nzkiwi98 February 10, 2019
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A chick with a cute face and a big ass. Looks good in a car but not when she gets out.
I saw this hot chick with big tits drive by in a convertible but it turns out she was a cargirl.
by Ajerk January 07, 2011
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