During sex, keep a small amount of chocolate powder in a clenched fist. When you reach orgasm, pull out and ejaculate on the other person's face. After you do so throw the chocolate powder onto the semen and say 'Your cappuccino, sir/ma'am.'

Bonus points if you say 'Have a nice day/Come back soon' as you leave.
'We went for hours; we had foreplay, rough sex and then I ended with some Cappuccinoing.'

'She didn't come back soon.'
by The 413 August 25, 2012
Facial. When you ejaculate into a girls mouth and she then dribbles it out like frothy coffee.
I picked this bird up last night and we went back to her place and she made me a Cappuccino! Of course I couldn't kiss her afterwards.
by SITS September 20, 2004
Linked to the phrase capping. Used when someone is lying or over-exaggerating to mock them and tell them to chill out with it.
Person 1: I went to some party the other day and all of them gyal them were all over man.

Person 2: Ayy someone get this boy a cappuccino because this boy is capping. Why are you lying as if I wasn’t there. It was only 1 girl my g.
by Honey101 September 2, 2019
Overpriced espresso beverage that usually has some artificial flavoring to take away the coffee taste. Be wary of loads of foam that tops it, or someone may think you've been giving BJs.
Chris:" What's in the Starbucks cup? Cappuccino?"

Jon: "Actually, the cup is empty. I just carry the cup around because it matches my emo glasses"
by jvarna5 January 28, 2008
Thrusting ones knee into the coccyx of the child whilst holding their shoulders from behind and yelling out "CAPPUCCINO!"
Bob: "That bitch stole my pencil so I gave her a cappuccino"
by David Cameron 1973 May 20, 2018
When your boyfriend cums in your mouth and you roll it around in your mouth till it's foamy and you follow the next few steps. Once the foam is ready you make a fist with your left hand and spit the cum between your thumb and index finger and slide your fist back over his cock. Thusly leaving a nice whipped topping on the head of his dick.
I knew she was the one when she gave me a lefty cappuccino.
by 3rdrider November 12, 2011
When someone uses a Mac in starbucks. Many people have made this a cliche. This stereotype has made some Mac users want to destroy starbucks. The most common pair is a MacBook with a caramel cappuccino.
John: I HATE Cupertino Cappuccinos.
Steve: Why?
John: Starbucks tastes too gross for a Mac to be within 10 feet of it.
by ImAwesomeProductions July 21, 2011