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A once great American bicycle company, now just another mcbike. The company had a failed attempt to manufacture ATV and Motocross bikes. This caused a bankruptcy and being purchased by a private equity holding company (Pegasus). It looked as the company was back on track but no real advancement have been made since 2005. Many of the paint schemes even look like rejects from previous years.

Cannondales proudly displayed "Handmade in USA" on the rear seat stays. Now most models are just Mcbikes from China.

In 2008 Cannondale was sold to Dorel. A Canadian company that owns the ruins of many great brand such as Schwinn, GT and Mongoose. This makes the prospects look good to being just another Schwinn or Raleigh. A once great name that was dragged through the mud to make a fast buck on customers that don't know better but will learn why the price is so low. With the move to sell cheap bikes they have decided to compete with Asian brands and rebranders like Trek in a very crowed market. Most Treks are made by Giant in Taiwan.

You'd now be better off getting a Specialized or Bianchi. They are made in Taiwan but the parent companies have better track record on components and craftsmanship.
The main reason to buy a Cannondale was to own a quality American made bicycle that you knew was made in Pennsylvania. Now it's is just rebranded Chinese crap. Freds will probably knock themselves out to get a once premium name for 300 bucks.
by paris-roubaix March 20, 2008
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American Bike Company Which prides itself on lightweight hand made bikes.
also pushes the boudaries in advancemant lay claim to many technological acheivements, including the lefty fork, and the 1.5 headset standard.
cannondale -judge
by Fejfighter February 28, 2006
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an extra-wide penis named after the formerly wide-tubed aluminum bike frames
by roo-baix October 20, 2009
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