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"Cannoli" is the plural of "cannolo," which is a Sicilian pastry consisting of a crisp pastry tube filled with sweetened ricotta. The ricotta filling is sometimes sprinkled with crushed pistachios, chopped candied citron or orange peel, or semi-sweet chocolate chips. It's a popular item in Italian-American bakeries.
I'll have a dozen cannoli. But please make up some fresh ones. I don't want any that were already filled an hour ago.
by Farfalla February 24, 2008
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Italian pastries that are interchangeable with guns.
In "The Godfather" movie, after his accomplice shoots a disloyal associate of the Corleone family, Clemenza says: "Leave the gun, take the Cannoli."
by TheConsigliere July 20, 2010
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1: A delicious Italian pastry.

2: An exclamation. (surprise, excitement, shock, horror, etc)
1: That was a tasty cannoli.

2: Holy Cannolis!!!;

Person 1: "I just heard Person 3 ate an Italian pastry."
Person 2: "Cannoli!!!"
by Killerkat9793cheez June 14, 2009
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an italian pastry filled with cream and chocolate chips.
CANNOLiPANTS: hey bellaface that was a GOODASS cannoli? where'd you get it?
BELLAFACE: take a wild guess, you crazy beast, you. ;-*
by KATi NOELLE aka CANNOLiPANTS October 15, 2005
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Another term for smoking weed, or anything of the sort. It's a great alternative because then people think you're just a fatass and not a stoner.
"Dude want to go eat some cannoli?"
"Hell yeah! 420 blaze it."
"Don't say that again."
by Viceman November 17, 2017
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When you pull out when getting head and ejaculate in your partners nose, filling it up like a cannoli.
The first time I got head I accidentally pulled out and came in her nose, it filled up like a cannoli.
by Waterfall Moments August 11, 2016
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