1979 film by Ruggero Deodato which is dubbed by many critics to be the most gruesome, sickest, or outright offensive movie ever. Contains scenes of extreme brutality, animal cruelty/butchering, and rape. Needless to say, Cannibal Holocaust has been banned just about everywhere.
Dude! I just watched cannibal holocaust and blew chunks all over my TV!
by lucix January 19, 2004
-I have a biology exam tomorrow
- You should watch Cannibal Holocaust, i've got my degree with this movie.
by Littlefuckingseal January 17, 2014
When you're murdering millions in the shower and biting yourself.
The bite Mark's on clarky could be used as dental impressions, he must have given himself a cannibal holocaust in the shower last night...
by Lolyamumyeahnah November 23, 2018
A slightly more PG version of asking if someone is not a virgin. The opposite of asking someone if they've played Fortnite, which is basically asking if they are a virgin.

CONTEXT: Cannibal Holocaust is a 1980 film that has been banned in several countries for how violent it is.
Louis: "Have you seen the cannibal holocaust?"
Elliot: "I haven't"
Louis: "So you play Fortnite then."
by buy me free games November 4, 2018