Online Social Meanings, mostly used in forums:
Group of people who encourages more people (hence cancer's spreading nature) go join a certain forum with then corrupts the traditions and influenced (usually in a faggotry sense) the forum.

In other words, Newfags in numbers who couldn't shut up.
The cancer has killed this forum, lets go somewhere else.
by Anonymous asdfasdf July 25, 2008
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cancer is a disease where you loose hair and you may die but some people do live the most common is lung cancer which is normaly caused due to smoking
person 1: I have cancer :(
by dummolovesyou October 20, 2018
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A serious, life-threatening disease.

Very commonly misused by a bunch of adults on the internet to describe anything that's popular.
Immature adult: Fidget spinners and iPhones are such cancer.
by Psycho Satan June 03, 2017
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Logan and Jake Paul, Morgz, and other cunts who make a living abusing themselves and family members, AND clickbaiting 7 year olds into thinking they’re watching p0rn. WE HAVE A CRISIS ON OUR HANDS!!!
Parent: Exactly why does my child have cancer? Doctor: Cancerous YouTubers. Parent: Fuck
by IssacIsALoser May 04, 2019
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It cannot cripple love;
It cannot shatter hope;
It cannot corrode faith;
It cannot destroy peace;
It cannot kill friendship;
It cannot depress memories;
It cannot silence courage;
It cannot invade the soul;
It cannot steal eternal life;
It cannot conquer the spirit;
by Peace2all January 29, 2005
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