A terrible disease. It has no cure yet. Well probably because all the smart scientists are doing tests on f***ing rats instead of trying to cure it. If anyone close to you gets it, they will most likely think negatively, so you have to be positive for them. Stay by them because in the end, not all things have reasons of why they happened.
“My grandma died because of cancer”
by FaithInHumanity June 02, 2018
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an adjective used to describe someone incredibly dumb, so dumb it'll cause you to lose all of your remaining brain cells.
person a: your mom: has big ugly gay
person b: you're cancer
person a: i know
by imnotafurrry May 16, 2018
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"Why are you in hospital? Oh I watched Jake Paul and now I have Cancer :("
by lesbionist May 17, 2018
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