A zodiac sign that represents a well-mannered, intelligent person. Usually tall and slender, Cancer's are well-rounded, committed, and appealing to the eye.
Rachel is sexy but smart. She must be a Cancer!
by corcor44 February 04, 2012
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A lot of edgy kids use it to insult something that they actually really like just to look cool.
Guy: Look, here comes that dork Justin Bieber! HAHAHAHA
Edgy Teenage Boy: LMAO that guy is legit Cancer
*writes about the smell of his hair in his fanboy diary*
by EpicCollision June 23, 2017
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A disease that kills people. There is a known cure for cancer, but the the drug companys don't really want the public to know that, because they will lose money from the people who buy thier products.
The only reason the media says there is no cure for cancer, because if there was, nobody would buy medicine, and the drug companys can't let that happen because it's all about the money$money$money.

The cure for cancer is simple. Just crack open the pit of an apricot, plumb, or any kind of fruit like that, and eat the seeds. Do this everyday to pervent cancer. If you already have cancer, you should eat around 8 apricot seeds everyday to cure it. People have been doing this for years to cure cancer. The reason alot of people don't hear about this, is becuase if you did, you wouldn't have to buy medicine, and therefore, the drug companies would go bankrupt.

Don't waste your time putting unnatural chemicals into your body, when you can do it the natural, and more accurate way.
by Sid-- April 04, 2006
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(in order from terrible to bad)
thats cancer
by 卐卐卐卐NIEN December 12, 2016
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Something that is unbelievably cringy and terrible. Commonly found on the internet, though anything that isn't born from the web but still meets the above criteria may still be referred to as cancerous.
"Wow, the Star Wars prequels are pure cancer."

"Good God, Youtube comment sections are rife with cancer."
by ToatitosScoops December 07, 2016
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1. A horrible disease that causes tumours in certain areas
2. A horrible disease that plagues websites like YouTube, Twitch and various other websites with unfunny jokes, godawful memes and general slapstick humour ripe for kids.
Teen 1: Who do you watch on YouTube?
Teen 2: I watch a lot. You'd probably not like to hear them all!
Teen 1: I watch dank meme compilations, leafyishere, dramaalert and ricegum! Their content is awesome.
Teen 2: you listed every tumour on YouTube. Cancer retard gtf out of here dumbarse.
"I have cancer" -unfunny 2 years at my school who don't even know who the Shrimpson Boyz are.
via giphy
by Fergsu Blues August 02, 2016
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