"I'll have a pack of Menthols" said bill "one pack of cancer sticks coming up" said gas station attend
by riost April 03, 2016
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In response to the speculation that oral sex is a bigger cause of cancer than tobacco!

a Penis is now officially known as a 'Cancer stick'
Girl-hmm i would really like to give you falatio(this word is worse than vagina)but ive been told i can get cancer from doing it...

Guy-Ignore the health hazard labels on my balls baby,smoke this cancer stick at your own peril ! one more wont hurt...
by vbeatz February 23, 2011
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Another term for the male genitalia, especially in gay culture. Likely stems from the word "fag" being another synonym for "cigarette." May also allude to the (apparently false) belief that semen contributes to oral cancer. Could also be an allusion to the verb "smoke" referencing oral sex on a male.
He spent the evening smoking his boyfriend's cancerstick
by inthenavy July 17, 2010
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A slang word for cigarette, or cigar. A pipe is known as a Cancer Pipe. It is understandable that u use thks word often.
Brother: Hey, can I borrow a Cancer Stick?
Sister: A what?
Brother: A Cancer Stick
Sister: Oh. *pulls out Cancer Stick and they both start smoking*
via giphy
by DinoRo June 14, 2018
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