One of the largest railroads in the world, the second largest freight carrier in Canada next to CN. A major player in the transportation sector, this company breaks profit records yearly, while treating its burnt out workforce like garbage. Trains are regularly staffed by tired, overworked crewmembers. Hard working junior employees are often rewarded for their hard work and committment by being laid off or forced to work in terminals 200 km away.
On call 24/7, most railroad employees have a poor social life, with high rates of infidelity rampant at both hotels for the crewmembers and at home with the wives while their husbands are at work. Pay is relatively poor for the hours worked: while many employees make $80,000 or more per year, they often log well over 3000 hours of service, which puts them in the same payscale as a manager of 7-11.
Joe can't come out for drinks tonight because he's 10 times out and doesn't know who is going to book sick ahead of him, which is typical when you are a loser who works for Canadian Pacific.
by Trainman Pat May 27, 2006
A greedy railroad from canada that literally bought a legendary railroad. SOO was bought by CP. CP is more greedy than CN and literally bought the KCS just to get to mexico. why though. CP passes by wisconsin and illinois. some freight crew literally left hoppers open and dumped a lot of corn in Minnesota!!!!
by helloguysiamstupid April 19, 2021