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A "canadian goouche" is a person who wears extreme winter gears during non-winter conditions.

It is the combination of the words "canadian goose", which is a brand that sells Artic equipments, that are meant to be worn during extremely cold (-40C) temperatures, such as winter coats, and a "douche" which is a brainless individual.
Example 1

Dude1: It sure was cold this morning. So much that i had to put a jacket on for the first time of the autumn.

Dude2: Ya, that doesn't beat Mike however, our local canadian goouche who not only wore gloves this morning but he was also dressed w/ his artic winter coat! What will he be doing when it'll actually be snowing...?


Weather forecaster: This week we shall be have colder temperatures as we could feel some freezing on the ground...
Canadian goouche:Thank God my mom washed my artic coat last week so i won't feel any of the freezing it'll be!
by dr_manian November 13, 2011
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