Verb: The act of a single person, usually female, whoring in front of the camera and posting 35 photos of themselves per average day.

They are usually vain and needy bitches who waste all there time being sluts due to daddy-issues

Many of the Cam-Whoring faces include but are not excluded to

- The Duck Face
- The "I'm-so-Kawaii" Peace Sign
- Innocent Slut Doll
- Titty Shots
- "Mah-Berst-Hoe-Fruend" Girl Power shot
- "Fuck all them stupid h8ers!"
"Karen is such a photo-slut."

"Man, I know. She is always Cam-Whoring whenever she tries to get in my pants."

"When a bitch got 7836 photos uploaded on facebook, then you know that shit cray."
by TimoTime July 06, 2012
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The act of taking pictures of oneself with accuracy and precision in finding the right angle to obtain a much hotter/cuter looking of oneself as the result
I cannot resist the temptation of cam-whoring when attending boring lectures
by PoisonFlower August 05, 2008
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