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hot, vine famous, cute, very funny, fun to be with and hang around. Takes dares, brave, isn't afraid to do anything, and or say anything.
by vine_famouse November 20, 2013
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Gained popularity on Vine, he then went to MAGCON gaining MORE popularity. He was born on September 8th 1994. He currently has 6,000,000+ followers on Twitter
Girl 1: See that guy?
Girl 2: Which one?
Girl 1: the one in a red shirt
Girl 2: He looks like Cameron Dallas
by xoxo Meg July 23, 2016
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A 19 year old with an amazing personality and body. He is so hot sometimes I cant breath. His vines are hilarious and so are uis yourube videos. He just joined Awsomeness TV and will be working in movies and tv-shows. His face can cause orgasms so be careful while looking at his shirtless pics
Newborn: Hey do you know Cameron Dallas

You: Yeah hes the hottest person ever and will be the father of my kids
by LukesBabyMamma May 20, 2014
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