"What calle is that on, John?"
"It's on 26th, Rufus."
by anonymous December 31, 2003
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Houston slag used for describe a person who like to be outside a lot. but it's also a street term used for pimps or anyone who smoke weed and gon the clubs, parties most of the time
be calle but ellegant, is goin down every night at the club, i'm calle
by Lil' C.J September 29, 2007
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she is very nice at times but when you do one thing shes on your ass man she is very caring and loveable she loves hanging out with others and will always make friends on the way of her journey and she is very popular Idk it depends.
by Iluhja August 16, 2019
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To say something before it happen that you predicted would
Girl: im pregnant
Guy: called it
by mattmv September 19, 2006
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Claiming rights to something. Like calling the last beer in the fridge, or the front seat in a car. Calling shotgun.
There's one beer left in the fridge, I'm calling it!

Yo mofo! Why you drinkin' that beer? I called it!
by Dr. Sunshine March 29, 2009
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A telephone call received (usually) in the small hours of the morning, usually bearing bad news about a close friend or family member -- most of the time, either they have died, are near death, and/or were involved in a terrible accident.
You better hope you never get "the call"......
by Jason L. July 07, 2006
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to do something half-assed, not bothering, doing the bare minimum
"i don't even care about that job, i'm more or less calling it in, when i do show up for work" -disgruntled employee
by *fap* September 29, 2005
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