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"What calle is that on, John?"
"It's on 26th, Rufus."
by anonymous December 31, 2003
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Someone Who is very nice, great looking, beautiful Smile, a fun loving friend who will do anything for you, their is not a enough words to describe her, she is awesome. She's a true friend to everyone she Encounters in her life. Shes always there for everybody else but people tend to forget to help HER out when she needs it. She's beautiful and revolves around the love of family and friends
Bob: Hey, you know that girl?

Josh: Yeah, that's calle she's the life of the party

Bob: Yeah, she's great!
by StylishMan7 January 06, 2013
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Houston slag used for describe a person who like to be outside a lot. but it's also a street term used for pimps or anyone who smoke weed and gon the clubs, parties most of the time
be calle but ellegant, is goin down every night at the club, i'm calle
by Lil' C.J September 29, 2007
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A very strong person that cares for all that people do for them. Although they care a lot, they do not really admire the things people go through for the sake of their happiness alone. They are arrogant and conceited in everything they do and believe they are better than everyone else at times.
Becca : So I told Calle that I like her dress and she just rolled her eyes

Tiffany : Oh my !
by Dirttyyy February 07, 2013
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A swedish name finnish in origin.

Its a name common among males but has also been used by females.
In the twentyfirst century the name has increased in popularity among homosexuals.
"Hey Calle, how are you doing today?"
by DUDAU May 24, 2017
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