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a prostitute who sets up appointments over the phone
I need to get some. Know any good call girls who are cheap?
by anony June 24, 2004
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(British): woman working either as an escort, at the higher end of the sex industry, or as a sex worker, prostitute, at its bottom end.
"Don't you dare call ME a callgirl, you asshole .... I DON'T do this just for the money, you know!"
by kofi May 14, 2003
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A higher-class prostitute. Usually from a middle-class background, usually more educated and has much more control over her situtation than the streetwalker.

She is so-named because she arranges her appointments over the telephone.

Call girls are generally the most attractive of the prostitutes (and the most expensive).
I'd call Britney Spears a call girl, but she's dressed more like a streetwalker and seems to be of lower-class extraction and less-than-average intellect.
by Lorelili February 21, 2006
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What Las Vegas is full of. They usually put out all these cards with naked pictures of them and there phone numbers, then litter them all over Las Vegas, usually in phone booths.
Don't let your children go to Las Vegas unless you want them to see naked call girl cards.
by Spikesy July 19, 2006
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a call girl is simply a woman who hates poverty more than she hates sin.
Her family was catholic but so impoverished that she decided to go on the call girl option.
by Quixote April 27, 2020
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girl you call when your lonly and in the dark where you cant see their wicked ugly face
i'm so ugly i wont bone any thing with any female resemblences tonight so ill call a call girl
by kegan michael February 17, 2006
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