A pretty good state that has (mostly) nice weather, lots of things to do, lots of people, and delicious taco shops.

It is often stereo-typed with what is seen on reality shows, like partying, bleached-blonde girls, plastic surgery, etc., but in reality, those are a meager percent of the population.
Non-Californian: Ew, California is really pathetic. There's 36D-Cup women partying all day, celebrities everywhere, and a million rich snobs!

Californian: Have you been watching reality television?
by Florida native December 20, 2008
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A pretty cool west coast state.

- Not everything is a picture perfect beach like MTV wants you to believe. They have ghettos, deserts, boring suburbs, just like the rest of america. However I've been to La Jolla Beach, San Diego and the water was beautiful, so I'm not saying there are no good beaches, I'm saying that that there is more to the state than beaches.

- I don't get why people from Cali brag about how "ghetto" their state is. Being ghetto isn't a good thing, it means you are more likely to be killed, get an std, and be poor. But a lot of rappers come from California, tupac,dre, snoop dog, e-40, mac dre, etc. so they have contributed to the hip-hop industry

- Not everyone is hot. Yes, there are very beautiful people living in California but be realistic, around 30 million people live there, do you think that every last one of them is hot? Especially since a large number of them are little kids, old people, and fat people.

- I don't get why we have this East Coast Vs. West coast thing. How bout we accept the facts that we have different styles but we both offer a lot of good things? I was born in New York and I don't hate the west coast that would stupid. How can you hate a place just becuase it's not where you live? When people say the East Coast sucks, they're dissing states from Maine to Florida, so your basically dissing America which if your from the west coast is your country as well.

- Yes Illegal immigration is a problem but it's still a problem in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida and other states to. I live in New Jersey and we have the same problem so it's not California. Also don't be so harsh, yes Illegal should be documented and put on goverment records but if they wanna work, become Americans, and support their family than good for them.

- Lots of cool cities, San Fran, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego.

So overall I love California as a state.
East Coast Vs. West Coast is stupid. California is great and so is New York. America rocks.
by Jersey Kid January 22, 2008
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California: A state despite what most people and even native californians think is an actual very diverse place. I myself grew up in Santa Barbara, it is very much a beach town, full of celebrities and rich kids, but also has your typical middle-class families. The weather actually is near perfect except june we get june gloom. Although I lived in Santa Barbara I've traveled up norther california and gone to the forests, I've been snowboarding in Mammoth Mountain, i've visited San Fransico, I've been in inland and gone to bakersfield, and I've visisted small inland California towns where Marilyn Monroe had been named the Artichoke Queen 1947, and I've driven on the highway where James Dean's car accident happened. I've gone down to L.A and honestly does the smog bother you that much? And why let L.A represent all of California. I've been to at least 10 other states, and they honestly don't compare.
Stereotyper:Everyone out in California is so fake.

Me: Since when?

by The Telephone Wires December 26, 2007
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the best state ever. it's not exactly like new york - big city yes, but no new england culture or street vendors. (except those hispanic people selling ice cream or those weird tomato chips.) there are a lot of different ethnic groups of people.

in so cal we have the valley (valley girls) and lotsa gangsta people down south. then there are the party people with their weed & acid, those bad things...but don't get me wrong theres lots of cheesy people ....every state has its losers.

there's the beach, the valley, the ghetto places, beverly hills (those rich people), hollywood, and those really camping/mountain-ish places up north. there's also palm springs, the desert.

WEATHER: yeah the summers are hot. compared to the east coast, our winters are pretty weak.

despite common misconceptions, not everyone in california is blonde or surfer.

plus we have the governator.
1. California is my favorite place in the world...my home and i'll never leave
by city lights March 14, 2007
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The best state ever with rich people and also gangstas not racist like texas and best besches, great weather home to the most popular city L.A peoople who talk shit are ajust jelous that there state sucks. You wish your governor would be as famous as ours
If you haven't been to Cali and you talk shit then you should just go suck the huge dick with all the other haters
by Cali Girl March 07, 2005
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well i'd have to say it's thee most diverse states in all of the u.s.a. extremely different, extremely fun, and extremely beautiful. to me l.a isn't really that great. to all you tourists i advise you to go to san francisco. there's wayy more culture and you can see soo many different walks of life. also it's much more beautiful and the ppl are wayy more laid bakc and fun.
the bay area is the best part of california
by la-la-la lisa January 15, 2007
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Only the greatest state in the U.S. Hot girls, sunny weather, beaches, surfing, L.A., and people who actually care about their appearance. What more could you possibly want from a state? I'm moving there after I finish college. I've had enough of Illinois' cornfields and wide open spaces. Wish I lived closer to Chicago. California here I come!
by Jarrod goes to J.J.C. May 22, 2006
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