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Whats left under the foreskin after an uncircumsized guy has anal sex.
When I pulled my dick out of her poop chute I had California raisins all up under my foreskin.
by Dick McPlenty April 22, 2003
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The sexual act of giving a blow job to an elderly man with raisin in your mouth while giving him a purple nurpule
My shirt is covered with the organism from the steler California raisin I gave him
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by Daddy church hill February 23, 2019
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The American definition for the California Raisin is not to Be confused with Welsh definition. The American meaning is thought to have originated in the late Victorian era mid to late 1700's.

It's a slang term that of which is given to used in place of or to refer to a elderly woman's clit.

It describes the dried shriveled possibly leather like skin.
Hey Grandma would you stop complaining. If I wanted to find your stank ass California Raisin. I would but don't. Fucken G be tripping her kitty cat taste like baby powder anyway.
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by DJ Prime Suspect 86 August 26, 2019
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