A girl or boy who is so sexy and hot in every possible way and a total sweetheart who’s a good friend to you and never lets you down
I met this girl named Katie. She’s a great girl and I am going on a date with her tonight. She’s so nice so kind, I love her smile her thick body. She’s literally a fucking cake! She even said she wants to come over to my house aftewards tonight! I am literally crying tears of joy!
by Justicewithtacosandweed August 10, 2018
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a cake is a dessert food usually used for parties and weddings can be found in bakeries and food stores. it can be high and low in sugar. usually served with frosting.
wife: "can you slice me a peice of our wedding cake please?"
husband: "of course dear." slices cake.
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by Minty the fox September 07, 2018
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VERB: To consume massive amounts of cake ---- guilt free!
Melissa Bryant said Saturdays are a great day to cake!

I'm just gonna sit around and cake today!

Let's go to the party so we can cake!
by deanopolis March 31, 2017
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Adding the word 'CAKE' after someone's name is a quick way of describing a person as sweet and someone who everybody likes.
"Hey ClaireyCAKE!"
by ClaireyCAKE April 12, 2009
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A : Wassup bro, do u wanna to bar?
B : Sorry, today I don't have any cake
by Hellaslit March 23, 2020
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When the marijuana in your bowl has become all ash.
by C.r.a.i.g March 12, 2010
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