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Kids that are meant to be locked up in a cage.

Unpopular kids. Not even normal. Scary. Usually part of their school's anime club or science fiction club

lack fashion sense.

Does not know what shampoo is.

usually given names like scary mary, baby gap boy, muffin top, BK, and ONDREY.


**if confronted by them on a regular basis... carry a die with more than six sides and toss to distract them. then run. you won't have to run fast as they are not that physically fit.
-That girl is looking like she lives in a dumpster.
-Yea, she hangs out with the cage kids.
by black betty16 January 28, 2009
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a term used around the Illinois Central College campus for the past few decades referring to the students that sit in the caged off area. these students usually partake in world of warcraft dungeons and dragons anime and line dancing

often used as an insult to normal people.

uncool students that do not bathe.

students that make out and wear tube tops that over their ugly muffin tops when it is 30 degrees outside.

made popular by brittany
Omg jared... brittany is looking so ugly today. she should sit with the cage kids.

there were some cage kids creepin behind me yesterday.
by lame like betty October 19, 2008
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