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The incomparable rage that one feels when dealing with the cable company, when they repeatedly put you on hold for 20 minutes then cut you off, when they cancel a reapir visit after calling your office number to confirm a 7 am visit to your house when you told them to call home, when they tell you to stay home from work for an 8 hour service window because they can't accomdate your weekend request for a month.

Similar to road rage but perhaps a bit less likely to be lethal.
I am in serious cable rage after dealing with those monoploy shitheads at the cable company for the 5th time in the past two weeks. If I could get my hands on some of them right now, ther term 'going postal' might be replaced by 'going cable'.
by Michael Levitan April 04, 2008
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Impotent fury at being unable to untangle cables, wires, chains or rope like items.
John had cable rage, his power supplies were tangled.. And in order to free them of his audio equipment wires he risked pulling his computer off of his desk. The computer mouse and keyboard had already fallen off the desk, hitting his head and back and he is hoping they aren't broken or have any buttons missing. But he knows he cannot lash out, with so many valuable items at risk. This is cable rage, a lonely, frustration driven madness.
by Morrisimo August 12, 2006
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