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A guy who drives a cab.
This guy often doesn't speak much English, but he may have been a brain surgeon in his home country (Ukrania, Cambodia, Eritrea, pick one) so give him a little respect, especially if he drives like a total bad ass.
It's rude not to tip the cabbie, unless he almost gets you killed or doesn't give you an honest fare.
by creaternity May 28, 2006
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a blunt with cocaine sprinkled on it.
that cabbie's gonna have your throat numb as hell
by M feezy October 14, 2004
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noun: a student who attends Cab Calloway School of the Arts. May be insane, crazy, and/or psycho according to wordly standards. Has a union with other cabbies. Can usually be seen doing stereotypical artsy things or attempting to bother chartards.
As cabbies, we unite to act ridiculous together and also to make art. Sort of.

She goes to Cab Calloway; she's a cabbie.
by UrMommmm!! August 02, 2010
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A wee guy that gets slapped on the coopin. He is also known as many names, midden, haddie, diddy, bumbag to name a few.
Haw yu Cabbie, huv yu seen this? "slap oan the coopin.
by Big Pal October 22, 2003
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short hand speak for 'cant be arsed'
doin ne homework?
nah i cabbie
by sam April 12, 2005
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