What some people call “manscaping,” with c & b standing for “cock and ballsack.”
Milo: My bro Ray told me he went to that specialty barber shop down on Hipster Alley to get him some c& b grooming.
Me: What hothead fuck is c & b grooming, bro.
Milo: Well first they shampoo the hole area around your dick and balls, then they dry you off and take a beard trimmer to your wild and woolies till there ain’t much left. After that, they use a disposable safety razor to shave your cock balls clean, along wit the inner thighs and the taint. And you’re done.
Me: So was he happy with it.
Milo: Yup, real happy. He even showed me and let me feel how close the shave.
Me: Yeah, with that big dick, he was always a show-off. Think he’d show me too, though?
by Xaime June 1, 2019
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