Buying tables is female code speak for having sexual intercourse. Usually without strings or outwith a relationship.
"Oh me and Tom went buying tables this afternoon, it was fantastic"
"Richard told me tonight that he's only really interested in buying tables with me"
by Howerd_Stern_Face September 22, 2011
Starve to hall. I do not know where it is ... hmmm ... but heard Aunt Annie said yesterday at dinner ...
"If you do not stop feeding me this crap, I'll buy sausage"
by Abrikos December 19, 2016
Take in the mouth fat hairy dick in black.
"Hey, whore, go buy sausage"
"I suck-suck-suck that the sausage"
by Abrikos December 19, 2016
When the perfect stock keeps dumping only because Citadel found out you were HODLing.
The best strategy is to buy the dip.
Me: Why is NVAX down today after WHO and EU approval?
Me2: Shut up and buy the dip.
by rocketmoon December 20, 2021
Pandemic rebounding persons who have forgotten how to properly separate Needs & Wants.
Dr. Suggests one book, patient purchases 4 on CBH & two on spiritual awakenings. Reports back with more buying rabbits symptoms
by Tthernandez November 29, 2022
a code word only cool people can use for saying they are taking a shit
Valerie - I’m currently buying towels at ross
Carolina - same ;)
by señor spermies September 23, 2017